Adding font style to your website is important, especially when you intend to create a fashion store, music website, sports website and many more websites where you need fancy texts on your website. This tutorial will shows you the steps to take in adding a custom font on your website.

Step 1:

Add a text element to your website

Wix Text Elements
Let’s work with this text. You can name it whatever you want

Step 2:

  • Visit for free text styles
  • Search and download the font of your choice
  • Unzip the folder after download and search for the fonts with the following formats TTF, OTF, WOFF or WOFF2.

Step 3:

  • Go to your WIX text element and click on “Edit text”

Step 4:

Click on font and then “Upload fonts”

Step 5:

Once the upload screen opens, click on the “Upload font” and then find the font with the formats mentioned above and select any of them to upload

Step 6:

After upload is done, you can find your font at the top section of your font list.

Video Tutorial

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